[GPL] WP Table Manager WordPress Table Editor Plugin v3.6.1 GPL


WP Table Manager WordPress Plugin GPL Download; WP Table Manager GPL is the only WordPress table plugin that offers a full spreadsheet interface to manage tables. Create a table, pick up a theme, and start editing tables right away.

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WP Table Manager WordPress Table Editor Plugin GPL Overview:

WP Table Manager is the only WordPress table plugin that offers a full spreadsheet interface to manage tables. Create a table, pick up a theme, and start editing tables right away.

You’ll enjoy a set of powerful table edition tools, such as HTML cell editing, table copying, calculation, Excel, Google Sheets, and Office 365 synchronization. As an end-user, editing a table is as simple as clicking on a cell, and editing data with or without a visual text editor.

WP Table Manager Plugin GPL Features:

  • Unlimited tables, lines, rows
    There’s no limitation on the number of categories, tables, lines & rows you can create.
  • Advanced for mobile
    Responsiveness is always complex for tables but we’ve included 2 mobile modes with column display priorities
  • Optimized for large tables
    The plugin has been tested and optimized for large tables with a big amount of lines/rows to avoid timeout
  • Cells and columns freezing
    Select one or several lines or columns and freeze them so the user can scroll the table without losing the data reference
  • Multiple cell edition
    Select one or several lines, columns, or cells and apply style on it: colors, background, size, padding…
  • Sorting Data by Default
    Once you’ve activated the data sorting in your table, you can select a default column and state on the table load
  • Cell HTML tooltips
    Tooltip can be activated per cell and is editable using an HTML editor, meaning you can load images, videos…
  • Frontend loading
    If you’re using a page builder with a frontend edition, you can choose to load WP Table Manager scripts, otherwise, not loading them will bring a notable performance enhancement
  • Money calculation
    Select your currency symbol and thousands separator then you can run some calculations on money cells
  • Ultra-fast data edition
    The plugin uses AJAX saving during text typing, so nothing is lost and everything is saved for instant
  • Edit content from the editor
    You can edit all the table data right from your editor or from a separate view, it couldn’t be any faster
  • Backup and Undo

    Everything is automatically saved, but you can always undo a modification with a simple right-click or duplicate a table with one click

  • Create unlimited chat
    Create an unlimited number of charts based on a table data range and display an HTML5 chart even without its data
  • Images in tables
    The HTML cell format allows you to add any content in cells, including images, shortcodes, embed HTML
  • Google and Excel style
    Import or synchronize an Excel file or a Google Sheet, including styles and get your table presentation ready in no time
  • Download the table as an Excel file
    Add an option to download the table as an Excel file on your website. Pretty handy to manipulate data on large tables with pagination
  • Auto synchronize Excel
    Auto-synchronize a local Excel file (on your server) with a table or fetch data from a Google Sheet. Custom styles included or not
  • Cell highlighting
    When reading a very large table of data with many columns it’s sometimes difficult to link a number with its title. You can use the cell highlighting feature for that
  • Custom CSS
    Add some custom CSS to your table using the custom CSS field. Load only the code required to display your table
  • Multi-lingual ready
    The plugin has inbuilt translation and you can create your own using the JU-Translation tool
    Organize your tables
    All your tables can be ordered by categories, pretty handy to manage a massive number of tables
  • Import/Export data
    Import/Export your tables data with and without styling options, handling all Excel formats
  • Calculation
    Operators are implemented to do some calculations: SUM COUNT CONCAT MIN MAX AVG DATE, DAY, DAYS, DAYS360, OR, XOR, AND
  • Filter content

    A custom filtering tool can be activated on every table – start typing in a column header and filter your table content like in Excel

  • Content ordering
    Activate a table filtering and click on a column title to order your table content in AJAX
  • Advanced for mobile
    Responsiveness is always complex for tables but we’ve included 2 mobile modes with column display priorities or simple scroll
  • Table pagination
    Add pagination to your WordPress tables and load large tables on your website without performance impact
  • Table access management
    Set up what actions a user can perform on the table and restrict access to its category and tables. Limit access to users in frontend
  • Custom alternate colors
    You can create your own premade style of 2 lines of alternate colors that fit your website design and apply it to one or several tables in one click
  • Table from database filters
    Apply conditions to display/hide some data and group your data with the visual wizard

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We have shared a 100% GPL-licensed file WP Table Manager WordPress Plugin GPL Download. So you can use this file on your website or your client’s website without any worry. The shared file is not nulled or cracked file. We downloaded these files from the original GPL file provider and shared them here.


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